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Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin is one of the oldest universities of Europe and is situated in Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is the oldest university of Germany and well renowned because of its historical background as well as its research and other facilities for higher study. This is the university that has played as a role model for other European universities in humanities and arts section.


Humboldt University of Berlin was founded as University of Berlin in 1810. The liberal Prussian educational reformer and Wilhelm von Humboldt are the founders of this university and in 1949 after the Second World War this university was reopened and got the present name according to its founder’s name. And starting with only 210 students in 1810 it has now about 34,000 students and managed to have an excellent reputation all around the world.


With the flow of time Humboldt University of Berlin has increased its facilities for study and research. That is why apart from having two independent institutes it has 11 faculties and these are -

  1. Faculty of Law
  2. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences I
  3. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences II
  4. Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture
  5. Faculty of Philosophy I
  6. Faculty of Philosophy II
  7. Faculty of Philosophy III
  8. Faculty of Philosophy IV
  9. Faculty of Theology
  10. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  11. Charité - Berlin University Medicine

These faculties are well managed with rich collection of resources and skilled teachers and staffs and have an extremely encouraging environment for studying for Bachelor and Master Degree.


Humboldt University of Berlin is well renowned for its continuous contribution in research sector. This university has good research facilities for humanities and arts and many prominent researchers of philosophy and law has been taught here. This university has the coordinate function in ten Research Training Groups and in fourteen DFG Collaborative Research centres. And these continuous assistance results 29 Nobel Prize Winners who have worked here and contributed to international research. Moreover, it gives opportunities to young scholars and scientists to work under junior professorships and associate to many renowned graduate schools for advance research. As a result this university has positioned top in national and international rankings of universities.

Study and Teaching

About 34,000 students in 11 faculties are studying presently in Humboldt University of Berlin. They have been taught with the most skilled teacher around the world and provided with huge resource including libraries with thousands of books. Computer and internet facilities are very good and the laboratories are provided with most updated equipment to do advanced and thorough research. Teachers are highly experienced in their fields and very helpful to the students for study.
One can get admitted in this university in winter or summer semester. For summer semester one can apply from mid-December to the end of January. On the other hand, one can apply from June 1 to July 15 for winter semester.
Citizens of Germany can get admission following general procedures. For foreign students who are interested to study here it is required to apply to the Student Administrative Office for a full academic degree. Foreign student who are part of Exchange Programme are needed to apply directly to the International Office of Humboldt-Universität. For any other details one can directly make contact to the official website of this university. Are you ready to be a part of Humboldt University of Berlin?

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